us-mex-littleleague001021.gif began in 2008 as Ligas Pequeñas Beisbol de Puerto Vallarta to solicit donations for equipment for a newly sanctioned Little League baseball program in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our mission is to offer the less fortunate youth in Mexico the opportunity to play organized sports where they can develop character, respect, and interpersonal skills as well as learning the value of teamwork, competition, discipline and comradery, all things that tend to give kids an edge as they grow up and enter the adult world., started in Lakewood Colorado and now has Donation Stations located in Union City, California, Calgary, Canada and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Your support is needed to help expand the promotion of Little League baseball in Puerto Vallarta and to other areas of Mexico.
Click here to view the official inauguration of Little League Baseball in Puerto Vallarta February 28, 2009
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Ligas Pequeñas Beisbol
de Puerto Vallarta

Thanks to everyone who donated equipment to the United States Donation Station that provided many kids the opportunity to achieve their dream of playing in a sanctioned little league baseball program.